Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's a new Decade

Here we are, 2010 is upon us. Time to reflect on the last decade. Remember the milinnium scare? The world coming to an end in 2000. Hmm. Didn't happen.

What di happen is that e-books have finally come of age. In 2000, I had been writing and selling e-books for 4 years. Not that the "big publishers" noticed, but our small band of "non-traditional" writers and publishers were gaining ground. Dispite everything we weren't going away. And we didn't.

I have five books out now in both e-book and print and all five are available for both the Kindle and the Sony e-reader.

Despite many health problems I am working on a sixth book. Here's hoping this decade is easier than the last. It's been a tough 10 years.

Happy New Year

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Catch up

Well, it's been a while. I've been busy. I had a total knee replacement in November and I've been recuperating since then. It's going well. I'm off the walker and just using a cane.

It's been a very quiet Christmas since I've been in, not able to drive and ignoring the rest of the world. However, Mother Nature got my attention with the snow fall. We had 11 inches on my back deck two weeks ago and another 13 inches over Christmas weekend so far. It's Saturday night and it's still snowing. Three days straight. Oh well, it's beautiful, I don't have to be out in int and we need the moisture.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nebraska Writer's Guild Conference

Well, I trudged to Kearney and back, braving Nebraska's fall snow storm to listen to very smart people tell me how terrible the book buying business is these days. I'm sure they're correct, my royalties show it, but I'm forever the optomist. I'm working on the new book, the sequal to No Place for a Lady. Perhaps the market will turn around by the time it's done.

Anyway I need something to do while I'm recupering from knee replacement surgery. Hmm. I hadn't shared that, have I? I'm finally sick of limping and hurting, so November 9, we're going to get a NEW KNEE!

They're so much better now I have two friends who've had them done in the last 4 months and theyre both doing well. I should too.

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Writing Weekend!

I spent a wonderful weekend at a writer's retreat. The Nebraska Writer's Guild hosted "Write Across Nebraska" a new event. Those of us in the eastern region of the state met in the historically rich village of Brownville, NE. With a room overlooking the mighty Missouri eagles soaring overhead, we couln't help be be inspired. One could almost hear Mark Twain on the upper deck, describing his beloved river.
We stayed in the Floating hotel bed and breakfast, the River Inn. It's a darling place, a converted riverboat casino that's a great place for writers.
I completed 19 new pages on my current work in progress. Yay! The peanut brittle of my mind seems to be melding back together. I must tell you, anesthetic does terrible things to your mental processes. It takes much longer than one would ever imagine to get back to "normal".
I needed that time away from everything, but it's always good to come home.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Geneology Finds

As we get older, we seem to be more and more interested in family geneology and finding family we didn't know we had. My sister has turned into the family ancestry sleuth. She's found lots of intersted people, including a half-brother her hubby didn't know he had.

That's a real surprise, especially when you're both retirement age. We are finding my hubby's cousins that he's never met. We're swapping photos and family stories and finding that some of the family legends he learned as a child may not be true at all.

Be careful when you shake the geneology tree. You never know what may come down on your head.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Spring Update

Well, it's been a busy spring and I've been very ill. Chest pains and heart caths are no fun. But the good news is, I didn't have a heart attack and I'm now sleeping like a baby.

Makes it tough to work on the new book, but it is coming along. Yay! A trip to Tennessee provided lots of ideas and pictures of new family members (hubby's cousin) and old family members (my relatives) It was a good time, even though it was hard on me.

We'll travel more slowly next time. More walking, less riding, fewer problems afterward. Take care of yourselves. I was abruptly reminded that hearts can be damaged. Look after yours.