Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nebraska Writer's Guild Conference

Well, I trudged to Kearney and back, braving Nebraska's fall snow storm to listen to very smart people tell me how terrible the book buying business is these days. I'm sure they're correct, my royalties show it, but I'm forever the optomist. I'm working on the new book, the sequal to No Place for a Lady. Perhaps the market will turn around by the time it's done.

Anyway I need something to do while I'm recupering from knee replacement surgery. Hmm. I hadn't shared that, have I? I'm finally sick of limping and hurting, so November 9, we're going to get a NEW KNEE!

They're so much better now I have two friends who've had them done in the last 4 months and theyre both doing well. I should too.

I'll keep you posted.