Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back to the writing Life

Well, this weekend I attended a top drawer writer's conference put on by Nebraska Writer's Guild. Yes, the sessions and work shops were great, and the facilities in Grand Island excellent, but the best part of the conference was the gathering in of the clan- this crazy bunch of writers who love what they do and are willing to share and encourage others who are driven to write as well.
That includes meeting new folks, members joining us for the first time, wide eyed, like sponges walking around, trying to absorb every word from those of us who have been "under the sea" a long time, sometimes face down in the writers pool.
It also includes renewing friendships, greeting others we haven't seen in years. Nothing beats face to face for really seeing how we're all faring in this rat race we call life.
I loved it. And now I must do it justice. I must write more. My characters were awakened this weekend. They will bang on the inside of my head until I let them out. Hmm. Conferences will do that.